viernes, 4 de julio de 2008

Donky rigged for you! and its FREE

Well well well, finally Donky is out. I know you've been waiting for this moment. As I could see by the comments in the previous post (one at the moment (thanks amigo malefico)). Now you can download the Donky the donkey (I must be clear with the nature of Donky due to some people said he was a monkey! :-| (thanks Tanda)).
Donky is far to be in it's final version but is functional enough to start animating.
So DOWNLOAD IT! (thanks CJD by the hosting) and let me know what you're doin with it :D
There are not special features in this version (even no tongue bone yet), you can find the whole body controls at bones-layer one and face controls at layer three.
You may need a recent Blender build ( ), Blender oficial 246 should be ok( ).
Alternative download site here

4 comentarios:

Jorge Rausch dijo...

cool half tontito deivid... Im gonna use it to my next Demo Reel!!!!
Gonna try it!!!

alipez dijo...

Nice work David , you are a groso !!

Greg M. Johnson dijo...

Thanks greatly for offering us this service. Cannot wait to try it out.

Q: How free? Which license would it be released under?

Nicolás Alvarado dijo...

This character need to be on a short!!... gonna rock!

Congratz and thanks for the rig ;)