viernes, 1 de agosto de 2008

Peace Donky!

Hey! Here we are again.
Last day Donky told me "Mmmm mmm mm mmmm" (because his tongue was'nt rigged) then I added some bones here and there to give to Donky a better quality of life.
Now he has tongue moving eyebrows sexy shoulders and big luck at the casino.
So if you want to play with Donky, dowload it here
Oh! Also is compatible with the previous version, so if you are about to finish your movie... do not worry you can replace the model safely :D (or not)

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Claudio malefico dijo...

Hey David, I tried your guy and have a few suggestions for you. As I was animating him, I realized you got some problems in his feet. The most serious problem from animator point of view I think is the fact you can't really pivot on his heels. For that you have to do some complicated cursor operations.
The toe bone does some wierd twisting when you try to rotate in a pose different than rest pose. And sometimes when you move the head, you got some twisting from bones in the mouth, making Donky to have some nasty expressions.

I was having great fun with the rig anyway, specially the stretching arms/legs and hope you can improve it for next version. Check the skinny guy I sent you for the feet thing, it might help.